Contact Us Today To Advertise and Market Your Buisness to the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex

Contact Us Today To Advertise and Market Your Buisness to the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex
Contact Us Today To Advertise and Market Your Buisness to the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex

Use Market 2 DFW to Advertise and Market Your Buisness to the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex



Jonathan Liardon - Founder/ Owner
Jonathan has extensive marketing / advertising experience in a variety of small to medium sized businesses. He has helped build businesses through his creativity and expertise of how to gain new customers cost effectively. He has managed monthly advertising budgets for businesses in excess of $160,000, which grew from a budget of a couple of hundred dollars a month. He has also owns and operates website deveolpment and internet marketing companies, and has managed all operations for one of the largest internet marketing companies on the web for the
last several years.

DeeDee Liardon - Founder/ Owner
DeeDee is a passionate and successful entrepreneur. She has built many businesses, mostly through direct print marketing. She is a perfectionist when making sure a job is completed accuratley and throughly almost to a fault, but her customers love dealing with her. She creates and manages all of the operations for our maid business, World Maid Clean, which has a monthly increase of at least 15%. Seeing as she has been direct marketing to the dfw area since 1994, she knows the areas to target, when to target them, and how to target them. She has personally built 2 businesses off of the marketing that we offer through Market 2 DFW.



For years we have used door hangers to build our House Cleaning Businesses. (currently World Maid Clean) In March of 2010, we were having a conversation with an owner of a resturant where we were dining, and mentioned that we put flyers on doors on a regular basis. He complained that everytime he hired a company to put out his flyers, they did far less than a good job, and he wanted to find someone that he could trust. We came back to him and told him we would add his flyers on the doors we were currrently distributing to, and he agreed. A week later we recieved a call asking us how many, and how fast we could put the flyers out, because he was getting a great response.

Since then, we have talked to many business owners, that raised the same concerns as the previous mentioned business owner. With this knowledge, our 100% belief in printed advertising, and experience to have it distributed efficiently and consistently, we created Market 2 DFW.



Door Hanger Distribution -

Having a company that you trust to distribute your flyers directly to the doors of your potential customers is the most important factor in deciding who you will use for this service. We know that and that is why we have created this segment of our business. We have tried time and time again to find advertising that can compare to actually hitting the streets and putting a flyer directly in someone's hand, and it has never come to fruition. We have teams of people, that have a vested interest in your flyers being distributed to yours and our potential customers!!

More Information:
Door Banner Distribution Information


Door Banner Creation and Distribution -

Want the benefits of having your advertisement put directly on the door of your potential customers, for a fraction of the price of having a full page flyer? Then this option would be perfect for your business. We will print and distribute the banner, and you can have this done for as low as 3 cents per door. With this option you do not need an advertisement for us to distribute, we will create and print them for you, or you can send us your current artwork and we can use that.

More Information:
Door Banner Information


DESIGN SERVICES - Ad Creation, Ad Copy and Web Development-

In the last several years we have built a strong team and have gained access to skilled Ad Designers. We have the ability to create a ad design, logo, QR Code, websites, etc... We have a website design business () and can help with any ad creation, website design, or most design needs you need.

More Information:
Design Services Information


Coupons 4 DFW -

We are building this website as a brand that everyone in the Greater DFW area will go to when they decide to purchase anything. We drive traffic to the site through some of the following: banner, internet, billboard, magazine, print, and television advertising. We will also be testing other forms of advertising to find out how to get everyone in the greater Dallas area to see your business when they want to purchase your product type.

More Information:
Coupons 4 DFW Website Information



As with any other advertising, we cannot guaruntee any results, but we do guaruntee that we will work with you to find the best solution for your local advertising needs to help your business grow. We guaruntee that we will distribute the numbers we agree upon, and that we will give 100% effort when you put your advertising needs in our hands.

Now Serving North Dallas Areas:
Frisco, Allen, Mckinney, Plano, Ponder,
Carrollton, Garland and Lewisville!!

Contact Us Today!! (972) 379-7877

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